The aim is to encourage private funding of startups

The purpose of Business Finland Venture Capital Ltd is to promote companies in their early stages of development by investing in venture capital funds together with private investors. Private management companies are responsible for the investments of venture capital funds which invest in companies in Finland in their early stages of development.

Management companies operate on commercial grounds, trying to earn their investors best possible return. However, startups are high-risk enterprises. Business Finland Venture Capital Ltd can accept asymmetrical profit distribution in favour of private investors to encourage the flow of private investments in venture capital funds.

Company’s long term goal is to establish Finnish venture capital market that focuses on funding companies in their early stages of development. More efficient venture capital markets enable faster development and growth of startups. This helps to improve productivity of the national economy, renew the whole economic structure, create new jobs and improve Finland’s overall competitiveness.

State owned company

Business Finland Venture Capital Ltd is a state owned company; ownership steering is the responsibility of Business Finland. Business Finland Venture Capital Ltd began its activities in 2014.

Every year Finnish government allocates capital to Business Finland Venture Capital Ltd from the state budget.

The company has own board of directors and managing director, who are responsible for managing the company. The board of directors makes investment decisions and the company’s staff assists with preparatory work. Company’s investment operations are also described in the Business Finland Venture Capital Ltd’s Risk Finance Program  and Investment Policy (in Finnish only). View our Corporate Social Responsibilty Policy (in Finnish only).

Startup business