Investing principles

Business Finland Venture Capital Ltd invests in venture capital funds which invest in Finnish startups. We estimate two to four investments annually.

The key managers of our target funds have solid industry expertise, reliable entrepreneurial or investment background and proof of successful commercial operations or investments. The fund management company and their key managers must have realistic prospects to raise enough private capital for the fund.

The share of Business Finland Venture Capital Ltd in the fund:

  • There is no maximum size of our target fund, however the management company should be able to justify fund size with e.g. its investment strategy and management company’s experience
  • Our investment is considerable in relation to the total size of a fund, however it does not exceed 50 per cent of total commitments. The size of our commitment is decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • Our investment may include state aid. We can accept asymmetrical profit distribution in favour of private investors. Asymmetrical distribution of profit increases the expected returns of private investors, should the fund be successful.

What we expect from applicants:

  • Key managers of the fund’s management company have proof of successful commercial operations or investments and are experienced in the fields the fund’s investees are operating. Also, the management company has adequate competence and experience in managing of the investments.
  • The fund applies a credible and plausible investment policy to increase the value of target companies and generate investors a return worthy of the risk taken. Target companies are early stage companies in their seed or start-up phases at the time of initial investment.
  • The management company is capable of raising capital from private sources such as institutional investors and companies investing in private equity.
  • The key managers of the management company are willing and able to operate with long term commitment and develop their activities as equity investors. The general manager,  the management company, or their shareholders (key managers) should also make an investment to the fund.
  • The fund applies the principles of responsible investment in its investment activities.

How to apply for funding:

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Financial review